Disc Jam Music Festival- Disc Golf Show - Episode 60


Disc Golf Show - Show Notes

Brought to you in part by Final 9 Sports, with two locations, Orangevale - Shady Oaks & Rocklin - Johnson Springview Park, and DUDE Clothing!


Hello and welcome to the Disc Golf Show Episode 60


Today is Sunday, June 3rd.


And our guest host is the TD of the Disc Jam Music Festival Tournament!


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  1. Paul McBeth wins the Nick Hyde Memorial
    1. His first big win in 2018
      1. Paige was not at this event
    2. Sarah Hokom take the win


  1. Master’s Cup in Santa Cruz
    1. Ricky Wysocki and Paige Pierce win
      1. Paige won by 12 strokes


  1. San Francisco Open
    1. Round 1
      1. Lizotte leads after Round 1
      2. Hokom takes early lead
      1. Hokom gets an ace and is highlighted on SportCenter SCTop10 and extends her lead
      2. McBeth and Wysocki fight back to tie for the lead going into the final round
    2. Round 2
      1. Hokom dominates the event and gets her first DGPT win of the year
        1. Paige Pierce’s perfect year comes to an end
      2. McBeth was able to push a bit harder than Wsocki to win by 2 strokes
    3. Round 3


  1. Currently in progress is the 2018 PDGA USADGC!
    1. Good luck to all the competitors vying for this prestigious title!


Gear/Equipment: (Brought to you by ScoreBand: Use DGS20 for 20% off your purchase)


  1. Latitude 64 - Musket (Fairway Driver)
    1. https://www.pdga.com/announcements/fairway-firepower-musket
    2. The Musket is a straight shooter. 
      Speed: 10, Glide: 5, Turn: -0.5, Fade: 2
    1. https://www.pdga.com/announcements/drift-down-fairways-control
    2. The Drift is designed for laser straight lines ending with a gentle fade and an exceptional amount of glide, providing easy distance with this highly versatile driver.
      Speed: 7, Glide: 5, Turn: -2, Fade: 1
  2. Streamline - Drift (Fairway Driver)
    1. https://www.pdga.com/announcements/rift-cuts-through-headwinds 
      The Rift is a reliable disc which holds the line even with high speeds, but will finish with a moderately sharp fade. 
  3. Obsidian Discs - Rift (Overstable Distance Driver)
    1. https://www.pdga.com/announcements/unleash-your-fenris-beast
      Fenris, or Fenrir, according to Norse mythology, is the son of Loki and the brother of the serpent Midgard. A monstrous wolf, the other gods became fearful of his size and strength and tried to chain him up, but the chain couldn’t hold him. Fenris is a fast and overstable distance driver that, like the wolf, will break free from your grip with enormous power, giving you length and consistency.  
  4. Guru Disc Golf - Fenris (Overstable Distance Driver)
    1. ElringKlinger - Bull Bay
    2. ElringKlinger - Oak
    3. ElringKlinger - Willow
    4. Black Zombie - Berzerker
  5. No info



  1. Prodiscus - Pro TARGETTi (revised)




  1. FlightTowel
  2. Dryve Disc Golf Kneepad



  1. Watching the Pro’s & Disc Golf YouTube Channels



UDisc Quick Stats

  1. Overall scoring since 2016
    1. MPO
      1. 2016 McBeth led overall with a 55% birdie or better
      2. 2017 Wysocki led with a 56% birdie or better
      3. Currently in 2018, Wysocki is leading with %52 due to some eagles
      1. Catrina Allen led overall with a 26% birdie or better
      2. Paige Pierce led with a 29% birdie or better
      3. Currently in 2018, Paige is leading with 33% due to some eagles
    2. FPO


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